Greetings from us

Evangeline means good news in Ancient Greek and the good news is together we are going to make the world a better place for all the creatures.

We hand made luxurious pet furniture such as Sofa , Bed , Ramps and Steps. We know how important it is to take of our beloved pets health as well as their privacy and independence.

Our products prevent them from jumping so much up and down on our slippery floors which is not at all good for their legs and joints

And it may cause them more damages as they age.

That’s why we are creating the best furniture for their heights so that they can use it happily.

They can be used as luxury or by doctor Prescriptions for older dogs/cats or dogs/cats which been through surgery.

We have put so much effort to make hand crafted pet furniture that goes with your unique style.

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Mehrnaz Zandieh

Founder & CEO